What Our Clients Say About Us

CELEBRITY HOMEHEALTH is like heaven, only ahead of time! These people work to make it less stressful and more positive to get the help I need. No having drivers try to figure out where doctor’s offices are, no missed appointments, having to climb stairs I can’t climb, never having anyone who keeps track of my health for me (as Nurse Sue does, for instance). When I needed supplies and other materials and appliances, CELEBRITY HOMEHEALTH found out where they could be gotten and the nurse ordered everything. They were here in a few days. This kind of care is almost unheard of outside of nursing homes, which I’m far from needing at this point. As a former professor, I give them an A+ and deep thanks for their care of me. I am not longer afraid of getting older. Their peace became my peace as well.

-Dr. E

Celebrity HomeHealth is the only home health organization we at GLEH work with and the only one that I reference when asked. Georgia is always looking for new/different topics to present at GLEH; she has presented three times thus far and each time, we have great attendance from our residents. We look forward to our continued partnership with Georgia and Celebrity HomeHealth for many years to come.


Celebrity HomeHealth has performed exceptional care for our clients when needed, they are always advocating ensuring that our clients are being provided with a better living environment whether through personal care assistance, nursing help, physical/occupational therapy if needed, and placement assistance refs. Secondly, they have shown great patience and compassion in attending to our clients’ personal preference, always trying to make sure the personality fit between the physical therapist/nurse with that of our client is exceptional and enjoyable for the senior. Finally, our client and I enjoy the fact that they always have the client’s best interest at hand.


I was afraid and had so many questions after my stroke, and my nurse took the time to answer every last one. Always, I was aware of what was going on and where I was in my recovery. My physical therapist really made me work, but I appreciated it because I knew it was the only way I would get back to a pre illness state and continue to do the things I wanted to do. Thanks to my team of skillful and compassionate clinicians the ordeal I suffered more than a year ago is a memory, my life is completely normal and for this I am truly blessed.


Today I am 100 years old, and I am happy to have been able to celebrate my birthday with not only my family, but my nurse from Celebrity HomeHealth. My nurse took the time to be here on my birthday and even brought sugar free candy as I am a diabetic. He has encouraged me, taught me, and shown a genuine concern for my wellbeing, all the while keeps me and my family informed of my health every step of the way.


I was new to the area. I had no primary care physician and my family was states away. When I was discharged from the hospital I had no idea what would happen to me. Even though I was 92 years old the last thing I wanted to do was give up my independence. The day I was discharged a Celebrity nurse was there to meet me, she helped me get settled, arranged for Physical and Occupational therapy to aid me in returning to a “prior level of function”. My nurse oversaw every aspect of my treatment including a doctor who saw me in my own home. I am very active at the Senior Center and always recommend Celebrity HomeHealth to others who are facing medical problems.