A nurse and an elderly woman in a wheelchair.

About Us

Celebrity Health Services, Inc. was founded in 1996 in San Fernando Valley, CA. In 2008, two other agencies, Celebrity HomeHealth, Inc. in Upland, CA, and Tempe, AZ, were established, each managed with the same knowledge and passion as the original location. The agency's concept is to treat every patient as a celebrity, and our mission is to provide excellence in care because every person is a celebrity to someone, and each patient we attend to is a celebrity to us. We understand that hospitals have limited access within a short time, so we provide excellent nursing care in the comfort of your own home, where you set your own rules.

Effective January 1, 2023, Celebrity HomeHealth will be doing business as (DBA) name for our agencies that employ highly skilled personnel. Our team of trained professionals works closely with your doctor and family to ensure the personalized care plan is tailored to your unique needs. Our clinicians diligently follow the care plan and keep your doctor informed about your progress. As medicine is an ever-evolving field, we provide regular in-services and mandatory monthly education to keep our nurses updated on the latest medical advances. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive orientation and training program to all our nurses before they visit any patient. We also use the latest medical digital electronic technology and offer a range of care options that patients can choose from.

Referring doctors, hospitals, and agencies trust Celebrity HomeHealth for their patient's care. We have earned this trust because of our reputation for providing high-quality care, as testified by the patients we have treated. Our longevity in the home healthcare industry is a sign of the confidence and trust we have gained from patients, doctors, and hospitals over the years.

Celebrity Home Health's mission is to help patients regain self-reliance and avoid hospital readmission. The organization does whatever it takes to achieve this objective. At this Home Health Service, “Everyone is treated like a celebrity.”