About Us


Founded in 1997, Celebrity HomeHealth Services began with a concept: Everyone is a celebrity. With the first location opening in The San Fernando Valley in California, we have added 2 other affiliated companies in the past 5 years. Although independent of each other they are managed with the same knowledge and passion as the original location. One Home Health Agency located in Upland California, and the other in Tempe, Arizona. Future West – Coast affiliated offices will include Las Vegas and additional Agencies planed for Southern California. Our mission is to give patients excellence in care because each person is a celebrity to someone and each patient we care for is a celebrity to us. Where would you rather be treated for an illness? Celebrity nurses recognize that hospitals are intimating! Visiting hours and other strict guidelines prevent your children or even your pets from seeing you! We provide you with excellent nursing care in the comfort of your own home where you set the rules.

Celebrity HomeHealth hires the finest personnel available. Our staff of highly trained professionals works closely with your doctor and your family to ensure that the plan of care put together is just right for you. Our clinicians follow your personal plan carefully keeping the doctor updated on your progress. Medicine is a field that is ever evolving. Therefore, we are continually educating our nurses on the latest medical advances through in-services and mandatory monthly education. We also provide a thorough orientation and training program for all of our nurses prior to them visiting any of our patients. We also offer the latest in medical technology allowing the patient to choose from several different options and methods of care.

Referring doctors, hospitals and agencies have felt confident in choosing Celebrity HomeHealth for their patients. This confidence comes from the reputation we have for quality care testified by the patients we’ve treated. Our own longevity in home healthcare is also a sign of the confidence & trust we have worked so hard to gain from patients, doctors and hospitals.

Celebrity HomeHealth has a mission: Get you back to self-reliance,and keep you from returning to the hospital. We do what it takes to accomplish that mission. At this particular home health service, “Everyone is a celebrity.”