Celebrity HomeHealth: The Valley’s adept home health care experts

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June 23, 2010
By: Elizabeth Kiss

Celebrity HomeHealth goes the extra mile for our patients and their families. We don’t just support health at home, we provide a way of life to ensure that our patients feel safe and supported. To us, it isn’t simply about compensation. The most important thing is our patient’s health and we will do everything in our power to ensure that when our time together is complete, our patients way of life is back to its previous state before our services were required or better.” Ilana Bustan, RN said this to me when I asked what sets her health care practice apart from others in the Valley. Ilana Bustan is not only the owner and operator of Celebrity Home Health, she also has experience in public healthcare, she is a wound care specialist and has an extensive background in cardiology as she worked at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, one of the highest cardiac care centers in the United States of America located in Los Angeles, California. Considering she worked in one of the most prestigious hospitals in our country, I will safely make the statement that Ilana Bustan is quite an exceptional expert on the topic of home health.

Celebrity HomeHealth has been providing home health services to its patients for over eighteen years. Originally centered in Reseda, California, Celebrity Home Health brought their practice to the Valley three years ago. When asked what services Celebrity provides for its patients Ilana simply stated, “Everything that Medicare allows us to.” Some of the services that Celebrity HomeHealth provides include nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and even social services. She and her staff follow the strict rules of Medicare to a T. Her staff is fully trained and educated, well-mannered and their top priority is to ensure that the patient is happy and comfortable.
While interviewing Ilana, I came to realize that this was not just a business for her. Her knowledge shows a dedication and compassion for her patients. Additionally, she is quite happy to provide honest information in a way that those of us who are not fluent in the healthcare industry can understand. She believes that Medicare is the most beautiful system that this government created because, quite frankly, patients would rather be treated in the comfort of their own homes than in a hospital.

Throughout the time I spent with Ilana, I was most moved about how dedicated she seemed to be at providing her patients with a healthy and happy life. “Tell me honestly, Elizabeth. Where would you rather be treated for an illness?” After thinking for a moment I admitted I’d rather be treated in my home. “Hospitals are intimidating and doctors use a language I can’t understand.” I said sheepishly. She nodded knowingly at me and said, “Whenever a patient says that they can’t get healthy or be happy with life ever again because they have cancer or another sort of illness I simply tell them, ‘So what? There are treatments for that. Let’s focus on your happiness and well being.’ People seem to recover faster in their own homes than in the solidarity of a hospital.” This isn’t too incredibly hard to believe. If given the choice to recover in our very own beds instead of a hospital bed, I’m sure the majority of us would like to be at home.

Ilana and her staff believe that nursing is one of the most prestigious and demanding professions. Ilana states that nursing is one of the few professions that demands pure empathy and compassion. In return, they receive great respect from the public and are extremely appreciated. If one is to actually think about all of their hospital visits, it’s the nurse that comes in to comfort you after a procedure and it is that nurse who helps you regain your strength and health after a doctor’s work is done.
Personally, I remember having to go into the hospital and get stitches. I don’t remember the doctor, I don’t remember the name of the hospital and I don’t remember the doctors name. However, I do remember a nurse named Linda holding my hand and putting a band-aid on my cheek after the doctor finished stitching me up. I imagine that’s what a lot of patients feel like after a visit with a skilled nurse or therapist from Celebrity HomeHealth.

Her staff in Arizona will travel all over the Valley in order to bestow home health to patients in need of their services and vow to provide the best possible home health that they can. Compassion seems to be affluent at Celebrity HomeHealth. Even as I was interviewing Ilana, she had to take several different calls from many different patients. What I noticed is that she had a personal relationship with each patient. She answered every call she received despite the fact that I was interviewing her and spoke with a kindness I have never seen in a hospital room. True to her statements, Celebrity HomeHealth provides the best home healthcare possible.

Elizabeth Kiss, Phoenix Small Business Examiner
Elizabeth has been raised surrounded by small business owners and because of this understands the economy and how it effects small business owners as well as a number of small business owners throughout the country.